Hello, and welcome to Tiny's Roleplay Wiki! This wiki is dedicated to Erin Hunter's bestselling series Warrior Cats, roleplaying, and fun! Here you can create your very own cat, choose its description, make art for it, and much more!

Check out our five clans, BirchClanSpruceClanOakClanBlossomClan and PineClan. There is close tension between BirchClan and OakClan at the moment, whilst SpruceClan, PineClan and BlossomClan are at peace. The territories are shown on this page.

You can roleplay a loner or rogue, too. Loners & Rogues are cats that live outside of the clans, but live alone and not with twolegs. Loners are usually kind and stay out of the clans' way, and rogues are fierce and hostile, and can cause trouble.

House cats, or Kittypets, are normally plump and bouncy, and cause no harm to clans. They are very friendly and prefer to stay well away from the forest as they are afraid of the cats living there.

Beware of the evil group of cats, BoneClan. They live in the twoleg city, and never hesitate to murder. Occasionally, they try and steal forest territory, but this is very rare. 

Loyal cats are sent to join StarClan's ranks when they die. StarClan is a vast, beautiful forest where there is no sickness, hunger or pain. Even if a cat is good, they will not be sent to StarClan unless they believe. 

The Place of No Stars, or the Dark Forest, is where the evil cats go when they die. They are starving, cold, and misrable cats living in a dead forest with no food. There is no way out of the Dark Forest. If a cat is not evil but doesn't believe in StarClan, they will not be sent to the Dark Forest, but will be classified as having an "unknown residence".

Before joining a group, you must ask on the talk page and wait for someone to approve your request. Remember to sign with four ~'s before you post! We suggest that you read our rules before joining a group.

May StarClan light your path,

Tiny Forever And Always ♫ 18:12, December 29, 2013 (UTC)

  • Welcome to Tiny's Roleplay Wiki! ^-^
  • To make a cat, leave a request on the group's talk page~
  • Have fun roleplaying! ~

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