Ebonystar leapt up onto a branch, examining the area around him. All the cats seemed to be inside their dens, probably asleep, or sharing tounges. The black oriental jumped down off of the branch and stalked up to the nursery, sniffing the air around him. Since the snowstorm, many of the natural forest scents had vanished, making it difficult to hunt and patrol borders. Thankfully for Ebonystar, his lanky oriental build helped him to move without a sound in the crunchy white substance and take his prey by surprise.

Ebonystar entered the nursery, and bent down to lick hs mate's, Moonpelt's, head. "How are you doing, dear?" he asked, straightening up again. There was something about the beautiful tabby that dazzled him, like a thousand glowing stars in the sky on a winter's night. Moonpelt's kits were due in a matter of days, and considering the bitter, cold weather Ebonystar was concerned for her. Would she survive kitting, and would all of the kits be healthy? Tiny Forever And Always ♫ 11:29, December 30, 2013 (UTC)

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