Featherheart relaxed in the nursery, licking her swollen belly. Her kits weren't due for a while yet to the queen's relief. The horrid weather and snow would only make kitting more difficult. -- Thistleberry grunted as she sorted herbs, taking it slowly due to her lack of sight. Being blind isn't easy, but I get by. Previously the she-cat was a great warrior, and during a battle with OakClan her eyes had been clawed by their deputy and her sight had vanished shortly after being treated. 

Never had she considered having an apprentice. All the young cats in this clan are warriors, or too ignorant to become my apprentice. It's a shame, really. There's a reason this clan is falling behind the others. We have the fewest decent cats. Tiny The Power of Love... 12:31, December 30, 2013 (UTC)

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